-Upcoming Events-

Upcoming Events

March 15th: POSTPONED An evening Cars & coffee at box.com 900 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City. Enter the parking garage and keep on going upward. POSTPONED due to rain, stay tuned...

March 18th: Tour the Blackhawk collection with the Freewheelers club, coffee and doughnuts of course. Optional drive begins at 9:00 @ Castro Valley park n ride (Center St, betwixt Grove and Castro Valley Blvd), or met up at the museum at 10. Give a shout to Matt for goodies & coffee.

March 24th: Sears Point Raceway, there will be the first ever "Hooptie-Con" a conglomeration of 24 hours of LeMons, Billetproof Hot Rod and Custom show and Concours d Lemons. Great fun last yearwhen there was only 24 hours of Lemons and the Arcaners.

April 7th: Peter Brock will present at Blackhawk the the BRE Histoy of Japanese auto race cars in America. Perhaps a nice ride out from the East Bay, and a return to Casa díSpielberg for non-vegan stuff burned on the Bar b Que.

April 15th: Annual Business Meeting, a potluck gathering where we elect the club officers for the year. A must attend, somewhere in the east bay, details TBA

April 20th: We have been invited to Mark Merrilís open house in Mountain View. He has a marvelous collection of Air Cooled VWís and just a few air cooled Porsches. Well worth showing up in an unusual car.

May 27th: A run out to Vasona for rides on the Billy Jones miniature railway. I am told that we will have keys to their machine shop. Perhaps if no one is looking, we can grab the keys to the locomotive.

June 2nd: A return to Sears Point for the Sonoma Historic Races. Great fun, and a great way to see the Historic races.

June 29 to July 1: Overnight trip up to the delta on levee roads, with two prospective overnight stops. Yes, there will be convenient locations for the Amphicars and (hopefully a couple of Schwimwagons or Ducks) to get into and out of the water. We are promised a drag race or two. Paul and Chuck are doing this, and road speeds will be appropriate for Fiat 500ís and Triumphs and Big Healys as well.

August 23rd: The Salinas to Carmel run for the Pebble Beach cars on Ocean Avenue. Stay tuned...

Non Club Events

April 13 - 14th: 38th annual Southwest Unique Little Car Show. Preregistration is due by Mar 23rd. Stay tuned..

April 29th: 28th Pacific Coast Dream Machines, The Coolest Show On Earth. Half Moon Bay Airport. If it's got an engine, it'll be there (yes, boats too). Preregistration ends 4/15, details at: here


Every Saturday: Donut Derelicts, Bagel Street Cafe @ 1049 El Monte ave in Mountain View 9 a.m.

2nd Saturday of the Month: Canepa Cars & Coffee, a fancy car gathering at 4900 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, CA (April thru October). Resumes 04/18.

4th Saturday of the Month: @ Santana Row (San Jose) has their Cars and Croissants. Aparrently for big buck exotics. Bring some beer and donuts to bring the atmosphere back to breathable.

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